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Projects & Programs
Projects of the UPAAA 2016-'17
Nelsie Tabudlong Parrado, President, UPAAA 2015-2019
(from the President's report published in UPAA Souvenir Program)
     In 2017, UPAAA sponsored the registration fee of a UP Mindanao student at the Asian Pacific Future Leaders Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The following year, UPAAA sponsored the following: (6) a donation to the UP Diliman Men's Varsity Baseball Team, for their uniforms; (7) partial to full funding for projects of the following student organizations in UP Mindanao - Food Technology; Dugong-Antro; Society of Programmers and Refined Computer Scientists (SPARCS); Pre-medical Association; The Navigators; UP Mindanao Mountaineering Society.                              Read more

UPAAA has offered seven (7) stipend scholarships to UP - one for each of 7 of the 8 constituent universities (CUs) The scholarships have been opened to students whose families’ annual income is less than PhP80,000. The CUs are UP Diliman, Manila,
Los Banos, Baguio, Cebu, Visayas (Iloilo and Tacloban), and Mindanao.
   In the photo are Prof. Niel Jamandre and Mr. Aris Dacanay of UP Diliman OSSS (Office of Scholarships and Student Services), UPAAA Luzon Liaison Nina Lojo and UPAAA Secretary Joy Celo after the MOA for the scholarships was completed. When more funds are available from donors to UPAAA, UP Open University will also receive a scholarship slot and more scholarships will be offered.

  Project Updates - UPAAA 2018-'19 (Read Essay)
Ms. Nelsie Tabudlong Parrado, President, UPAAA 2016-'19
$5K Donation to UPAAA 2018 Handed Over to UP Mindanao   

  On January 24, 2019, UPAAA Pres. Nelsie T. Parrado officially handed over the $5,000 donation to UP Mindanao. It was donated for laboratory improvement and a tutorial and feeding program. The UPAAA has been donating to the UP Mindanao since 2016.      
   The $5K was donated by UP Nursing alumna, Rosalia Ordoñez, through the Project AGAPAY, program designed and initially implemented by UPAAA immediate past president and project director, Dr. Juanita Santos Nacu, in 2017.
                                                                               Read about Ms. Ordoñez

Project Updates - UPAAA 2018-'19
RE:  UPAAA President's trip to the Philippines, January 2019 (Read updates in email)


Project Updates - UPAAA 2018-'19 (continued)

Project:  Ensuring Food Security of UP Varsity Athletes  
 Donation to the UP College of Human Kinetics for Athletes' Food Subsidy - On April 18, 2019, the $2000 donation to the UPAAA by Noel Gamboa, earmarked for the UP Athletes was remitted to the UP College of Human Kinetics upon the approval of the College's proposal submitted to the UPAAA Committee for the Project.  Committee was Chaired by Dr. Benita Murrel, with Dr. Romy Aquino and Dina Ellorin as members.  READ Final Committee Report

What is the CD 180 Project?
Swim & Survive Project
Projects of the UPAAA 2014-'15
Dr. Juanita Santos Nacu, President, UPAAA 2014-'15
Project Director & Designer

   The 18th UPAAA General Assembly, Convention & Reunion was able to raise a total of $9,506.21 for Project Agapay: Gawa, Aral, Payo. This Project is UPAAA's first Collaborative Mission between UP alumni in America and current UP students in Diliman campus. In addition to the income from the convention, designated donations for both Projects were received during the Gala Night, $1,400 for Project Agapay: GAP, and $650 for Project Tahanan. The UPAA of San Diego donated an additional $1,000 for the Project Tahanan.                                                                                                         Read more

  • UPAAA Inc. Student Scholarship Fund Donation - 2013
  • $36K UPAAA, Inc. Professiorial Chair Endowment Fund - 2007, 2009, 2011

Please consider donating even small amounts to UPAAA for this worthwhile project. Give back to UP by giving a struggling student the same opportunity you had to graduate from our great alma mater. There is strength in numbers; 1,000 alumni donating even just $10 each will open up 7 more stipend scholarships! Think of how many more we can help with $50 each from 1,000 alumni. Tuition and other fees are now free in all state universities. Stipends are still needed, however.
Let's make our tax-deductible DONATIONS to the UPAAA,Inc. to enable us to continue these worthwhile projects for our Alma Mater. Click on donate button

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