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Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021

More great things to come!!!

At the outset, I want to greet all the great mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!!! You are all the wellspring of goodness and life in the world. I am excited to let you know all the good things that are happening in our organization.

First, we had just held a most successful “Alay Kay Inay” virtual concert through the collaboration between UPAAA, UPAA New Jersey and UPAAArizona. President Danilo Concepcion and the UP first lady Gaby attended along with over 100 participants. It was an evening to remember with outstanding performers such as Cecile Azarcon-Inocentes, Bob Shroder and Sounds of Manila.
Under the leadership of W&M Chair Dr. Winston Umali and EVP Dr. Joy Celo, plus others from the collaborating organizations, we achieved a real demonstration of what collaboration can do. I hope we can continue this with the Network Partners and Event Partners who signed up in our partnership program to expand the UPAAA network.

Our community advocacy initiatives are getting an enthusiastic response not only here in the United States but also in Europe where a connection has been made with three other European UPAA chapters. The Anti-Asian Hate Forum which has been in the planning is finalizing with several speakers from the education, legal, media, and community advocacy sectors. This virtual event will be held on May 21, 2021 4pm to 6pm Pacific Time. We have to be part of the growing voices to stop anti-Asian hate in the country and racism in the world. As UP alumni leaders, we can do no less. Watch out for the flyer coming soon.

The European partners from Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany, with UPAAA based in the United States, are putting together a Global Forum on Racism and Discrimination on June 26 – 27, 2021 – the first time ever collaboration between alumni from Europe and the United States called the “UP
Global Network”. Speakers of top government representatives in the United Nations, Secretary General Migrante Europe, and others in the advocacy and entertainment industry who will give voice to the UP leaders’ initiative against racism and discrimination in the world are on the list to be invited. Many have accepted and are excited over this UPAA global forum. We are beginning to place ourselves on the global stage as leaders. UPAAA will have the chance to elevate itself as the national organization of UP alumni in the U.S. Let’s be proud!

On the local side within our organization, I am taking steps to streamline our operations and empower more our top board officers and active committee chairs through a new leadership program: Participative Leadership Program. Attached, please find a description of this program which I hope to implement as
soon as possible after I receive input from the Board. Please give me feedback about this program within one week.

As a reminder, our term is passing the half-way mark of our second year which ends on December 30, 2021. The newly elected Board will take over on January 1, 2022. Please consider running for positions you are already occupying or nominate someone who will run for first, board officer at large, then for
positions on the Board. I trust you are all doing well and continue being committed to our goals.

In UP spirit!

Daisy M. Rodriguez

"The U.P. Spirit Lives On"
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